Basic Details

For Device iPod/iPhone/iPad
Price GBP £0.00
Price USD $0.00
Price AUD $0.00
App Size 1.6 MB
Last Updated Tuesday, February 23, 2010
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AAC Details

Type  Eye Pointing
Speech  Recorded
Symbols/Photos  Photos


Designed for eye pointing. 2 or 4 cells per page with yes / no confirmation for each photo once pressed. 9 categories in free version. 20 in full. £4.99 for full version


Too much limited access-iTunes-Trishasmom 
It's hard to give a positive review when there really isn't much to review. No sound so how can I tell if the sound would be adequate for my child. If she is using this to communicate to others then they would have to be on top of her to know what she is saying. My daughter lost interest right away.
 (Feb 23rd 2010)
iComm Free AAC App-autismpluggedin.com-Jack Kieffer 
iComm is an amazing free AAC app developed by Mia’s Apps that is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad devices. The app allows you to record your own spoken words so that you can customize your kid’s AAC experience.
 (Sep 17th 2011)

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